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Loving Tan

Loving Tan Self Tanners

Loving Tan is one of our best-selling brands, and for good reasons. Their products promise natural-looking tans, without leaving behind streaks or any chemical smells. Perfect for anyone, from fair skin to darker complexions, this brand of self-tanners is truly a wonder. You don’t need to just take our word for it though — Loving Tan products have thousands of positive reviews across the internet from women who have successfully used them with stunning results. 

 Natural-Looking Tans Without The Sun
We all need vitamin D to stay happy and healthy, but it’s no secret that the sun can be harmful to our bodies. Ultraviolet radiation can cause premature aging to our skin, and even cancer. So while it’s important to limit your exposure, that doesn’t mean you have to remain pale all the time. Loving Tan offers realistic results with their self-tanning products, which means you can look bronzed and beautiful while staying protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

No Bad Chemical Smells
One of the worst parts about using self-tanning products is that you can immediately tell you have self-tanning products on, and so can the people around you. Many of them, including the salon spray tans, have a very distinct smell because of the chemical reaction taking place on your skin while they settle. So while it’s not necessarily harmful, it’s also not particularly enjoyable. To solve that problem, Loving Tan made sure their products smell good and lack any strong or unsettling odors. The results with Loving Tan minimize that funky scent so you can feel confident in your tanned skin.

Suitable For All Skin Tones
Finding a self-tanner that doesn’t make you look bright orange shouldn’t be difficult, but it can be. On the other hand, finding a self-tanner that shows up on dark skin can be equally challenging. Thankfully, Loving Tan results in stunning color for every skin tone. Their products come in two shades, Medium for light to medium skin tones and Dark for medium to dark skin tones. If you don’t believe us, check out all of the reviews from users across the internet, and you’ll immediately see the difference. It’s a natural tan, but it’s also not too subtle — it shows up perfectly each time, on each person, to complement their unique skin tones. Almost like magic.